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Education Events That Meet Learner Needs

Education events can feel disjointed if they don’t meet learner needs. Each persona has a unique professional background and personal traits that influence how they learn.

Make your event fun for attendees by creating activities that engage their minds, bodies and senses. These activities can include games, scavenger hunts or interactive presentations.

The American Society for Education

The American Society for Engineering Education is a non-profit member association dedicated to promoting and improving engineering technology education. The organization serves a multidisciplinary audience through teaching, research, public service and practice. It also administers the engineering technology honor society Tau Alpha Pi.

In a rapidly changing world, engineering educators must prepare students for careers that will enable them to develop and apply new technology. Join us to explore the latest in engineering and educational practices, research, and policy at this year’s conference.

The Society was founded at a time of rapid expansion in higher education in the United States. Congress passed the Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1862, allowing states to establish public institutions of higher learning to train people for practical work. The educational reform movements of the twentieth century introduced ideas such as equality, child-centered learning, and assessment of student achievement. The teachers of this era focused on caring for their students and imparting moral instruction.

The Literacy Texas Annual Conference

The conference is the best place for educators to connect with other people who share their “why.” This event is an excellent opportunity to hear from experts in the field and learn new strategies. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with other educators from around the state.

The 2023 Education Mega Conference will feature over 50 breakout sessions in 8 time slots. Attendees who attend all of the breakout sessions and attend the opening session and keynote will earn 11.5 hours of professional development credit.

The Tarrant Literacy Coalition hosted a Community Graduation Ceremony for Consortium students who recently earned their Certificate of High School Equivalency (HiSET). Several family members, volunteers and friends were in attendance to celebrate these students’ success.

The BETT Show

The BETT Show is the world’s leading education technology event. It brings together thousands of educators, policymakers and edtech professionals from around the world to showcase innovation in education. The event is held each year in London, UK.

It’s best to plan your visit in advance. There are a number of talks on offer throughout the day and it’s worth looking at the schedule on the BETT website before attending. Alternatively, you can use the BETT app to help you plan your visit.

This year, the Polish national stand was created in cooperation with the Future Labs team and representatives of the Polish EdTech industry and startups. Among other things, it presented educational innovations and the first-ever Polish educational game that allows students to develop key skills such as strategic thinking and leadership. The Polish stand also hosted a panel discussion on the topic of innovative teaching models. In addition, it featured presentations by teachers who are using esports in their classrooms.

The International Society for Technology in Education

ISTE focuses on accelerating innovation in education through smart technology use. Its standards for students, educators, and administrators provide a framework to help them succeed in our digital world. The organization provides a wide range of services, including its ISTELive ed tech event, certification programs, webinars, online courses, consulting services, and peer-reviewed journals and books.

The Empowered Learner standard helps teachers encourage students to take active roles in their learning. It also teaches them to use digital tools and resources to help their students become resilient, lifelong learners.

The Connected Educator standard lets teachers explore professional learning networks, social media groups, and Voxer channels to build their skills and stay current on emerging technologies. It also helps them collaborate with other educators across their school district, state and nation. This allows them to find new ideas and solutions to the unique challenges they face in their classrooms. The organization offers a variety of online courses and conferences that bring educators together to share their experiences and knowledge.

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