• December 9, 2023

The Future of Education in the Global Community

IES-2023 – The Future of Education in the Global Community

Attend this event to hear bold ideas about international education, social justice, advocacy for community engagement and its impact on students. You’ll also have a chance to network with other educators and student recruitment agents.

Learn and grow with renowned academicians, scholars and experts. The conference offers meaningful discussions and workshops to help you build your knowledge and expertise in these fields.

World Congress on Education (WCE-2023)

The World Congress is the supreme decision-making body of Education International. It adopts policies and programmes, approves financial and other reports and elects officers. It also determines dues rates for its members.

At the event, leaders from across higher education share inspiring stories of boundary spanning collaboration and cross-functional alignment. They will discuss the challenges of delivering high-quality, equitable quality education in the face of globalization and rapid change.

Present your research to an international audience at this conference dedicated to pushing the boundaries of education theory and practice. This highly-respected event offers unique opportunities to explore interdisciplinary interests and promote the evolution of pedagogy.

International Education Show (IES-2023)

The IES-2023 conference will address the future of education in the global community. The event will bring together educators and students to discuss how education can be a catalyst for social change. The conference will feature a diverse mix of speakers and topics to encourage dialogue about the future of education.

However, there are still serious challenges ahead. For example, the UCU’s industrial action could damage student recruitment. It also risks creating a culture of neo-colonialism in which universities exploit students from dominant source countries. This approach could undermine the benefits of internationalisation, which are supposed to be about opening up educational opportunities to all.

Standards Institute (SI-2023)

The Standards Institute (SI) provides leadership in the global community by spreading awareness about the importance of standards and conformance. Its work helps to boost economic competitiveness, increase efficiency, open markets and support consumer confidence.

The latest reform movement in teaching science is the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These new standards revolutionize the learning process by introducing students to disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and scientific practices. However, they require new strategies for facilitating student learning in Palestinian classrooms. The results from this study suggest that NGSS-based SI activities can help teachers develop their abilities to plan lessons oriented toward inquiry. They can also improve their abilities to assess students’ SI application.

4th International Conference on Integrating Technology in Education (ITE-2023)

Education is a key sector of every country and plays an important role in nine out of ten people’s lives. Hence, it is imperative to keep up with the latest teaching techniques and mechanisms. Attending an international conference on education can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the field of learning and teaching.

Educators can expect to be inspired by thought-provoking plenaries, engaging group discussions, and networking opportunities with fellow educators. Moreover, they can get hands-on training with new tools and learn about the latest trends in education technology. Educators can also learn about the strategies to increase student success in their classrooms at this conference.

National Conference on Student Success (NCSC23)

Reignite your passion for teaching by discovering new ideas and fresh teaching strategies. You’ll also find practical tips and tricks for improving student outcomes. You’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded educators and industry experts.

Explore the latest research in higher education. Attend group discussions and Smart Talks, and meet subject experts from around the world. This event will help you stay ahead of the game and prepare your students for the future workplace.

ISTE 2023

ISTE 2023: Embrace Future-Ready Learning

ISTE’s flagship conference is a place to discover what’s next in education — and your practice. You’ll get insights into the latest technologies, products and tools that empower learners, foster creativity and promote authentic learning.

EdTech coaches are key in facilitating student and teacher creativity. And that’s why it’s critical to find ways to support their work.

Meet edtech leaders at ISTE Live, June 25-28 in Philadelphia or online. Discover how schools can use digital tools to empower students and teachers and close the equity gap. Educators who join ISTE receive year-round access to expert webinars, exclusive content and discounts on ISTE books and ISTE U.

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